M1 Superlocal Prototype

  Building Copyright: © Wiewiorra  
Site Copyright: © Heem Woonen

In Kerkrade three 100 m long and 10 levels high apartment blocks from the 1960th will soon be out of use. The housing company Heem Wonen has decided on the background of urban structural changes, to develop 100 new residential units out of the former 500 that have been developed from the old buildings. With this concept, it was accepted as IBA project of IBA Park City.

In the winter semester 16/17 a prototype for new housing units from the re-used buildings will be developed on the basis of the component catalog (Bill of quantities and BIM). The prototype is intended to represent the essential features of the overall design and thereby formulate an approach on the issue of re-use of components in the context of housing. The prototype will be built in the summer of 2017.

The prototype should be a maximum of two units and partially at least two storeys high. The apartment size is based on number of occupants, determined by the allocation key to the housing developer. Aspects such as thermal insulation and comfort will be answered in the context of structural elaboration.


Floor plans, elevations, sections and details


Simplified planning of deconstruction and construction. (Inclusion of robots is possible)

The project manager of the residential society Heem Wonen will be present at the colloquia and stands for further inquiries. To each colloquium a model is being brought.


18.10.16, Tasks Introduction

15h Templergraben 83/4.OG

25.10.16, Workshop on Site

10h Kerkrade

10.11.-11.11.16 Berlin Excursion

15.11.16 1. Colloquium

Design of the prototype

22.11.16 Dates by appointment (White Week)

29.11.16 Deconstruction for Architects

9h followed by dates by appointment

06.12.16 Dates by appointment

13.12.16 Dates by appointment

20.12.16 2. Colloquium

10.01.17 Dates by appointment
17.01.17 Dates by appointment

31.01.17 3. Colloquium

07.02.17 Dates by appointment

14.02.17 Final presentation