M1 Center for Circular Economy in Aachen



With the foundation of the "Center for Circular Economy" at RWTH Aachen University, the research center "Future Energy and Resource Systems" is to be established on the Melaten campus. The aim of the building is to bundle the expertise of all departments on the topics of hydrogen and circular economy at one location. The newly created focal point for inter- and transdisciplinary research on sustainability topics will serve not only RWTH Aachen University, but also the networking of stakeholders from industry, municipalities and states.

The research building is intended to contribute to the scientific discourse on the hydrogen and circular economy and thus also acts as an impulse generator for the public. In order for the building project to fulfill this claim, not only the content of the topics should be implemented, but also the building itself should be designed in a circular and energy-efficient manner. In this respect, the operating energy should be generated from future-oriented, CO2-neutral energy sources and the production of the building should be as resource-efficient as possible, as well as the deconstruction, which will take place in the future, should be possible in a sort-pure manner. The planning strategies used in the design define the environmental impact and the reuse potential of the materials used in the building.

A building with a gross floor area of approx. 5,000 m2 (GK 5) is envisaged. Variants that fall under the Model High-Rise Building Directive (MHHR) usually pose special challenges in terms of fire protection and are only economically viable above a certain number of stories.

The task includes the development of a design concept with the corresponding system components, as well as the constructive elaboration of the facade. In addition, a holistic energy and resource concept is to be outlined. The project will be carried out in pairs.


11.04.23 Excursion to Delft/ Rotterdam

14.04.23 10h Presentation of the task

25.04.23 11.00 Consultation possibility

02.05.23 14.30 Consultation possibility

09.05.23 11.00 Presentation of the analysis R312 / 1st colloquium (volume concept, zoning)

16.05.23 11.00 Consultation possibility

23.05.23 11.00 Consultation possibility

29.05.23 Excursion week, possibility of consultation not applicable

06.06.23 11.00 2nd colloquium (rule floor plan, components raw version)

13.06.23 11.00 Consultation possibility

20.06.23 11.00 Consultation possibility

27.06.23 11.00 3rd colloquium (working through components, floor plans)

04.07.23 11.00 Consultation possibility

11.07.23 11.00 Consultation possibility

18.07.23 11.00 Final colloquium