Stegreif Circular products in building practise

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How can we build in a way that is environmentally compatible and conserves resources? In the search for suitable building products, planners are confronted with a wealth of information about supposedly ecologically advantageous products. But where should caution be exercised and which products have the appropriate ecological properties? How can objective comparison tools be used to look at the environmentally relevant qualities of building products?

During the seminar, students will be introduced to basic terminology for the discourse on environmentally sound building products as well as the structure and limitations of environmental product declarations. Subsequently, students will be given the opportunity to directly interact with product manufacturers about the environmental attributes of their building products at the Zukunft Bau Pop-Up Campus. Various local product manufacturers present innovative building products to the students, who interview them about the manufacturing process, recyclability and resource efficiency of their products. The knowledge gained beforehand enables the students to identify ecological optimization potentials and discuss these with the manufacturers.

The aim of the impromptu is to present students with the necessary tools to assess whether ecologically favorable building products are involved in future planning tasks.


In small groups, students deal with selected building products and create a questionnaire based on the research. In September, the workshop with the company representatives takes place at the Pop-Up Campus. Then the students have the opportunity to interview the companies and give an assessment of the (ecological) characteristics of the products or services offered.

The findings from the research and interview are summarized and reflected upon by the students. The central point here is to make an assessment of which aspects of the building product are seen as critical from an ecological perspective and which are seen as particularly strong in.


11.05.23 13:00 Introduction R312

05.06.23 10:00 Consultation via Zoom

19.06.23 13.30-16.00Workshop with practice representatives + Get together with architects and company represenatives organized with Aachen Building Experts

14.07.23 18:00 Submission as upload