Recycling Mies Pavillon

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The Recycling Mies project is a student Design and Build project, which was initiated in 2013 at the RWTH, Chair for Building Typology and Design Basics and Project MIK eV in Krefeld. Building components of a temporary building have been used, which was based on a draft by Mies van der Rohe. The elements have been reassembled for the Recycling Mies Pavilion and now form a room for functioning as student workshop near the new cultural centre in Aachen Ost. (Project details can be found on the GBL website.)

The windows facades facing the street and the yard was accompanied by the Chair Rezykliergerechtes Building. The windows themselves are from translocation- and modernization measures in the area. The wooden frame window were several decades in use, and serve now as double facade in the new pavilion. The dimensions of the facade opening were geometrical defined, so for the start the available windows had to be organized according to the opening. Students started in 1:10 scale to arrange the windows in preparation for the 1: 1 planning. Upon completion of the arrangement, the windows were cleaned, sanded and painted white to create a coherent picture from the different formats and materials. For the four façade elements (two on each side) wooden frames were made. Each window opening was customized according to the specific dimension of the window frame. The processing of the frame and the window was made in a hall. After making sure that all parts fit together the structure was disassembled and transported in parts to the building site. The frame has been reassembled, erected and fixed to the support structure on site. The windows were fixed and finally varnished.

Participating students were: Daniel Körner, Arndt Roman Heimann, Katja Göser, Stepan Cibulka, Kejun Luo, Fabian Käseler, Frederike Schlieper, Elisa Nedyalkova, Daniel Bulenda, Alper Agtas, Karl-Christoph Graf v. Rothkirch, Adel Jabi-Elharamain, Tobias Peter Schroeders and others.


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