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RWTH Aachen University wants to make its activities in the context of sustainability visible and has selected various locations on campus to enable a campus tour on the topic of "Sustainability at RWTH". Each location will have a showcase dedicated to a specific topic. The aim is to provide a broad audience with information on current events and opportunities for participation, but also on activities in the areas of operations, research, teaching and social affairs.In addition, institutes and initiatives at RWTH can also have the opportunity to place their own content.

As part of the course, an overall concept for the campus tour as well as a sculptural exhibition body (2x2x2m) with a showcase function is to be designed and constructively elaborated in partner work. This includes not only the graphic representation but also the realization of a model on a scale of 1:10.

Since the showcases are to stand permanently in public space, they should be planned weatherproof and resistant to vandalism. The objects themselves do not only provide information, but should also create a reference to sustainable topics in their design, e.g. by being built in a cycle-oriented way, from reuse or other materials with ecological properties, by creating green spaces or by providing bicycle tools for repair.

The best designs will be selected in a jury meeting and will be realized in the following summer semester.


19.10.23 Course introduction

26.10.23 Consultation

02.11.23 Mid-term presentation concept

16.11.23 Consultation

23.11.23 Mid-term presentation construction

07.12.23 Consultation

18.01.23 Consultation (if needed)

25.01.24 Presentation and jury meeting