Research Group Circularity in the Built Environment


Research Group Circular Building

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The research group for resource-centered construction was established in 2014 at the RWTH. Within the group the PhD students present their current progress and discuss with eachother, the supervisor and an external peer current questions. Working on the similiar topics helps the quick and precise debate. The group meets two times a year.


Research Meeting 2016

The yearly research group meeting took place in Copenhagen with the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation. Thanks for hosting us!


Research meeting 2017

This year the members of the Research Group for Circularity in the built environment met at the Technical University of Darmstadt. This year's guest was Jürgen Ruth, Professor of Constructive Design and Structural Engineering at the Bauhaus University of Weimar. The doctoral students were able to exchange ideas about their research work with other students and professors present.


Research Meeting 2018

The Research Group Resource-Efficient Construction has met with TU Delft's Department of Architectural Engineering + Technology and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
Schools of Architecture KADK, Institute of Architecture and Technology in Copenhagen from the 8th of Nov. till the 10th of Nov. to discuss current PhD theses. We thank all participants for the intensive and exciting exchange and look forward to the next meeting.

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Research meeting 2019

This year, the Research Group Ressourcengerechtes Bauen met with the TU Delft Department of Architectural Engineering + Technology and the UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering in London from 28.11.-29.11.2018 to discuss ongoing doctoral theses. The exchange was inspiring and helpful. We would like to thank Prof. Dr. Ben Croxford for the organization and look forward to future cooperations.