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The Creativity Game

Together with Carolin Stapenhorst, Junior professorshiop for tool-culture, we published an article in the journal 'Creativity Game -Theory and Practice of Spatial Planning' at the University of Ljublijana.

Under the title 'Communication process and information flow in the architectural planning context' the results of the seminar Informed Design were presented. More information about the seminar can be found here.

The article can be found online.


10 questions concerning clay potential in building construction

Copyright: © TU Darmstadt

Together with other researchers from our network (Schweiker, M; a, Endres, E.; b , Gosslar, J.; Hack, N.; Klinge, A.; Kloft, H.; Knaack, U; Mehnert, J.; Roswag-Klinge, E.) we recently published the article Ten questions concerning the potential of digital production and new technologies for contemporary earthen constructions in the journal Building and Environment.

The advantages of earthen building materials are currently experiencing a growing demand for environmentally friendly buildings. Therefore, this ten-issue paper explores the state of the art and research gaps regarding earthen building materials in light of the potential of new digital production techniques such as robotic manufacturing or additive manufacturing. This discussion includes new opportunities to combine the natural performance of the material with future-oriented building systems and a new growing circular economy.

The article is available here or on request at our institute.


our contibution to the Publication 'Circular Constructions' of the KADK

Our article 'Circular Tectonic Thinking - Life Cycle Assessment of Builiding Elements' in the book 'Circular Construction - Materials Architecture Tectonics' shows examples of circular building element and their life cycle analysis.

The book depicts a set of concrete examples of how to build in accordance with circular principles by using non-toxic, bio-based materials and low energy consumption, in other words by means of radical tectonics. Three wall structures in brick, wood, and straw displayed at the exhibition Circular Economics in Architecture and Design at KADK in 2017 are explained in a series of pictures, drawings, and analyses of their performance. The material is accompanied by short articles exploring various structural frameworks, economic scenarios, and aesthetic potentials associated with circular thinking. Based on knowledge from research, it is the intention to create qualified documentation and a visionary launch pad for improvement of a circular-based architecture.Further examples are shown in the book, how to build with non-toxic, biobased materials and low energy consumption, thus with the help of tectonics, according to circular principles.

The book was published by Anne Beim, Professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation, School of Architecture, KADK.

We were happy to be part of it.