Final projects


The Chair for  cycle-oriented construction supervises free and posed final theses, which either aim at a design or the processing of scientific questions.

During the design phase, the impact on the environment in various design phases is of central interest. The following aspects can be further deepened:

Buildings and climate change │ Building for and with reuse │ Self-construction │ Ecologically motivated concepts of use│ High Tech, Low Tech, No Tech │ Joining and disassembly │ Knowledge Society │ Recycling │ Circular Economy│ Grey energy and emissions │ Renewable resources │ Sustainability and visibility │ Deconstruction

The scientific topics are oriented towards research projects. Current topics are: 

- Digital information as the basis for ecologically high-value design and construction

- Designing through renovation - upgrading design and technology through adaptable façade modules

- Life 2050- Resilient buildings based on UBA's climate change scenarios

- Building for Eternity versus Design for Disassembly - Planning Strategies for Resource-Equitable Construction 

- Acceptance of used components 

- Buildings in the Circular Economy

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Offered Final Projects

CONSTRUCTING WITH PAPER - constructive strategies for the use of a paper material