Research Related Course



Bricks have a long durability, but are energy-intensive in their production and have so far only a small chance to be used equivalently after their use. Buildings like the Solardecathlon contribution of the TU Delft or the Resource Rows in Copenhagen show how reuse with elements can be used creatively. It is also possible to use individual bricks. In order to make reuse and high-quality recycling more widespread, the processes with the actors and tasks must be clear. 

In the research field round rectangles we will deal with the life cycle phases after the use of brick facades and investigate different scenarios. Thereby the reuse with elements, as single bricks and as broken bricks will be investigated. The aim of the research field is to present all necessary steps as well as the design of the product from secondary raw materials. 


20.10.22 12h introduction (virtual)

17.11.22 12h Consultation 

09.12.22 10h Intermediate Presentation

12.01.22 12h Consultation  

26.01.22 12h Presentation