M1 House for circularity

  © Tobias Wicken

Potential of vacant buildings for the interconnection of actors for circularity in the building industry

Mauerstraße 5 in Aachen is representative for a large number of buildings whose lifespan seems finite at first glance due to a discontinuation of use, and which are to be demolished and replaced by a new building. A closer look reveals spatial potential for many things: a wide variety of work, office work, events or storage. The building is already the result of a multiple transformation process, thus it contains information, it speaks about history and culture. In addition, the building substance binds energy and emissions that would be lost if it was demolished.

The M1 Circular House addresses the reactivation of the buildings at Mauerstraße 5, focusing on programming the spaces, addressing the materiality, and making the existing structure fit for something new. Measures can include conversion in the sense of selective deconstruction, as well as the addition of new parts of the building.


The task includes the development of a building program. Areas from the following categories are to be developed: Space of Things (e.g. craft, exhibition, exchange hall), student work, office use, studios and public place (e.g. gastronomy/ events). The idea is to design a place where actors from the field of circular construction can come together, network, and which can act as an impulse generator in the city. The examination of the history of the building is a prerequisite for its further development. Furthermore, the measures developed in the concept will be worked through constructively. The result will be presented, among other things, in a spatial (analog) model.

The work is done in pairs

In the supplementary module, various topics are worked on in teams.

The distribution of the topics will take place in the introductory workshop.

The M1 is offered together with GBL. RB and GBL offer 8 places each.



05.04.22 9h-12h Mauerstraße 5, Introduction workshop

11.04.22 10:30-18h Day excursion Berlin, visit reference projects

03.05.22 from 12:00 1st colloquium (program and spatial concept)

31.05.22 from 12:00 2nd colloquium (design, resource concept)

05.07.22 from 12:00 3rd colloquium (constructive elaboration)

16.08.22 from 12:00 Examination

Consultations are offered on Tuesdays between the dates above.