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In the design process, planners often do not know what's happening at the end of a buildings life. At best, it stands for eternity. But many buildings will eventually be demolished and the building material ends up as landfill. Useful resources are lost.

In recent decades sustainable architecture has mainly dealt with the energy consumption during operation time. Increasingly, the building substance as a parameter comes into focus. In order to keep the resource consumption, which is bound by the construction, as low as possible, use and effort in a balance must be brought. These two aspects describe resource efficient architecture. This can be achieved by the reduction of materials that are used for the first time (primary material) and includes several phases of lifecycle planning. The aim is to reuse materials as long as possible, to keep them in the so-called "material cycle".

For this, planning decisions must be made in the design process. Relevant planning aspects are:

- Use of recycled materials

- Deconstructable joints (no glue, welded joints)

- nature friendly products (recyclable products).

A building can be reconstructed and dismantled with these principles, changing its function, its appearance, its shape and its contents.

design task

In the design task, the flexibility, changeability and reusability are to be shown and implemented in a building with flexible use. In its first life cycle, the CycleHouse serves as an office building with 12 co-working spaces. In its later phases of use, it can take on other functions, such as living. In the design task, only the first use is documented, the possibility of conversion is to be illustrated schematically.

The location of the building is in the suburban area and offers space for different working constellations. The consumer of the building are workers, who need space for their home office tasks and want to share their activities and seek contact with others, as well as office infrastructure.


First meeting 3.5.2018, 11 o'clock

Consultation: 16.5.2018, 14 o'clock

Final meeting: 13.6.2018, 14 o’clock

Location: Templergraben, 83, 4th floor