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Kollegen der UCLA bieten Aachener Studierenden erstmalig die Möglichkeit an der Architectural Association Visiting School Jordan AAVSJ teilzunehmen. Vom 1.-10.Juli 2017 findet der Design-Research-Workshop in der Wadi Rum Wüste statt.Mehr Informationen auf Englisch:


  • 10 Day Summer AA Programme
  • Cutting-Edge Design Tools
  • Distinct Context and Site Travel
  • Guest Lecture Series
  • World-Renown Guests
  • International Instructors
  • Academia & Practice
  • Novel Agenda and Methods
  • Diverse Group of Participants
  • Exhibition and Publication of Outcomes
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Credential for graduate studies and career
  • Certificate upon programme completionagenda

The Wadi Rum Desert, located at the southern edge of Jordan encapsulates the utmost outstanding resemblance of an ecology on Earth to Planet Mars.Throughout the design-research workshop, participants will investigate design concepts for potential interventions within the Martian landscape, speculating on design that derives from research into the natural ecology of Mars; further aided by a research visit to Wadi Rum – to serve as a proving ground. The programme will focus on utilizing algorithmic and computational design methods, unveiling novel potentials in design at an array of different scales from the material, architectural to the urban. The ten-day programme will bring together a network of distinguished international faculty and guests to offer design-research units, specialist software tutorials and a guestlecture series; the programme will be primarily based in Amman, and will include an exclusive visit to the UNESCO protected world-heritage site of the Wadi Rum desert

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