4th Science day

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The 4th Science Day is particularly dedicated prospective doctoral candidates, students and doctoral candidates from the fields of Architecture and Urban and Landscape Planning. The speakers applied to an international call and very selected by the potential and degree of innovation of their research ideas. The presented research projects are divided by three different thematic blocks according to the three junior professors:

"Cycle-oriented construction"

"Heritage-led development in European cities"

"Researching Design - Forms of Scientificity in the Design Process"

Per session three to four project exposés are presented. The all-day event is taking place on the 06.25.2015. A panel of junior professors, guest critics, presenters and the audience will discuss and feedback the talks.

The broad orientation of the Science Day with three different topics, which is considered to be equivalent and comparative and it contributes to displaying the variety of research topics and methods in architecture and urban and landscape planning. The Science Day "research design" is initiated by the Faculty of Architecture at RWTH Aachen University cooperated by Prof. Linda Hildebrand, Junior-professorship Cycle Oriented Construction, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Carola Neugebauer, Junior-professorship for Cultural heritage and Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Carolin Stapenhorst Ph.D., Junior-professorship tool cultures.