Offered Master's thesis


Type of work: Master Thesis
Period: Summer semester 2018
Partner / CO-PR: to be confirmed
organization: 3 colloquia + exam, supervision by arrangement
output power: text, plans, possibly model

Resources are developing an increasingly important role in improving the relationship between the built and the natural environment. An important aspect is the increased use of renewable raw materials and the planning of cycle-compatible constructions. Paper materials are based up to 100% on the renewable raw material wood and offer great potential for use as building materials. Pilot projects and basic research already carried out prove this potential and show solutions for the deficits of combustibility and susceptibility to moisture.
Goal of the work
In order to generate a social acceptance of paper materials as new building materials, it is necessary to communicate and illustrate the possible fields of application. To this end, construction principles and planning strategies must be developed analogously to the principles and strategies applied to other building materials (especially wood-based materials).

Interest in timber construction, design strategies, ecological construction, basics in building physics and facade planning

Our Profile:
Recycling-friendly construction deals with the interaction of the built and natural environment and researches the life cycle transition of building structures. The focus is on the resource-conserving use of products and their circulation-friendly use.