Social Housing 2050


Build cheaply and climate-friendly in 2050 - a contradiction?

Masterthesis by Alina Kretschmer

Building ecologically is sometimes significantly more expensive than using inexpensive materials. However, as some changes in the construction industry are expected by 2050, there is a possibility that an eco-construction project may be affordable for lower-income tenants in the future. A state subsidy and a planning with materials suitable for circulation in sustainable building methods, which are standardized and thus more economical, could make it possible. The question therefore arises as to whether and how it is possible to create a building that is suitable for recycling, with affordable yet attractive living space, in a densely populated location that incorporates expected social changes into its planning.

The design is the implementation of the concept on a concrete site in the city centre of Cologne with its special conditions and the transferability of the design is also examined exemplarily on two other sites. Most of the materials used consist of renewable raw materials. All components are designed for disassembly.