Clay products and processing technology



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Clay products require little energy and produce few emissions during the production process from raw material to building material. Without mixing, loam can be used several times and can be returned to the soil if required. These good ecological properties make clay an attractive building product, so that after being used for a long time, especially in do-it-yourself construction, it has been used in larger buildings for some time.

Clay products have a long tradition. They have been used for their load-bearing properties and their positive influence on the indoor climate. In the meantime, a wide range of products is available: starting with earthen bricks, through rammed earth to clay plaster with various static and building physics properties. Traditionally, clay is a low-tech product. It was produced with little effort and simple tools. Today it is possible to support processing steps with machines and to automate them in parts.


Within the framework of the EM, clay products are being investigated with regard to their physical properties and their processing technology. The focus here is on the circularity of the product.

In groups of two students clay products and processing technologies are researched, analysed and the information for the database Emmy is prepared for publication.


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