Hidden Potentials – Circularity of steel and aluminum

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Steel and aluminium are characterised by the fact that, in addition to their durability and robustness, they also offer a wide range of processing and design possibilities. Various iconic buildings that have been created since industrialisation show the diverse range of applications of these two building materials, regardless of the fact that they are mostly modular and serial standard products. In façades, they are used both as large-area cladding and panels and as substructures for ventilated façades or in window profiles.

While metals are often highlighted for their high recycling potential, their production is resource and greenhouse gas intensive compared to other building products.

In cooperation with the Swiss company Jansen AG, we are looking at the cycle of steel and aluminium in the façade sector and investigating the ecological impact of different life cycle phases with a focus on the possible uses after initial use. In the course, we want to investigate not only the conventional recycling processes for steel and aluminium, but also other potentials for subsequent use in buildings. An excursion to the GTB Lab in Heerlen is planned as part of the course.


18.10.23 11h Course introduction (R312)

09.11.23 10h External presentation + Consultation (virtuell)

14.12.23 11h Mid-term colloquium (R312)

11.01.24 10h Consultation

01.02.24 11h Colloquium (Foyer)

Excursion date tbd.