Gute Nachbarn – Urban Mining Hub Aachen

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With the necessity of restructuring linear value chains in the sense of a circular economy, processes, products and raw material chains must be reconsidered. Especially the building sector is obliged to adopt new strategies and holistic ways of thinking due to its high resource consumption and the associated waste volumes in demolition. The reclamation of resources and valuable building components - today referred to as urban mining - has historically always been part of construction and a traditional component of pre-industrial building.

Both recycling of raw materials and reuse of building elements need a place for the different processing steps. Whereas processing, storage and "planning" used to take place directly on the site, today recycling yards, building yards, material exchanges and urban mining hubs take over this task. Traditionally, these areas are treated and thought of as monofunctional logistics or commercial space. One of the central questions of the design is how these areas can be transformed from a utilitarian space into a "good neighbour" in the city and neighbourhood. What can such a place offer us? What (architectural) qualities does such a place need? How does such a building relate to its functions?

The city of Aachen wants to dedicate a new place to the functions of urban mining with a " Bauhof der Zukunft". The site is located at Rothe Erde, where a restructuring of the entire area, including the existing building yard, is envisioned. A functional mix of storage areas, workshops, office space and special public functions is to be created on the approx. 27,000m2 site.

The design should focus on the integration into the neighbourhood, the areas of tension between the various public spheres and the logical location of circular value-added processes.

The existing buildings on the site have different potentials for conversion/continuing use or can serve as material mines themselves. The participants should identify urban mining potential themselves and integrate it into their design work. The aim is to develop a holistic design concept for the Freudner Weg site in small groups of 2 students.


10.10.2023 11h Introduction on site, Aachen Rothe Erde

17.10.2023 11h Consultation

24.10.2023 11h Consultation

31.10.2023 11h Introduction Excercise

14.11.2023 11h 1. Colloquium

21.11.2023 11h Consultation

28.11.2023 11h Consultation

05.12.2023 11h Consultation

12.12.2023 11h 2. Colloquium

09.01.2024 11h Consultation

16.01.2024 11h Consultation

23.01.2024 11h 3. Colloquium

30.01.2024 11h Consultation

13.02.2024 11h 4. Colloquium (Reiff-Foyer)