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Current Projects


Circularity Score

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Development of an ex-ante method for assessing the recyclability of buildings in the early planning phases

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Development and maintenance of a Best Practice Network for Resource Efficiency and Recycling in the Construction Industry

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The Eco Mini Material librarY is a Material library with the focus on ecological qualities of building products. The library is located at the chair.

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Completed Projects



Project KLABS deals with the development of postgraduate university programmes SUSTAINABLE AND RESILIENT ENVIRONMENTS in higher education institutions of Partners countries: Kosovo*, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Embodied Energy in Architectural Design

In the research project embodied energy is applied as one parameter to base design decsions on. Participating institutions are TU Darmstadt and TU München.

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The overall goal of this research is the creation of a Robotic Façade Disassembly and Refurbishment System (RFDRS).

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Circular Build Environment Park

In the project, objectives, strategies and guiding principles for an industrial park with a focus on the circular economy of the construction industry were drawn up so that a site-related structural plan can then be drawn up.

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