Circularity Score


Circularity Score - Development of an ex-ante method to assess the circularity of buildings in the early design phases.

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Participating institutions:

FH Münster, Institut für Infrastruktur ∙ Wasser ∙ Ressourcen ∙ Umwelt

ResScore GmbH

Metabolon, Bergischer Abfallwirtschaftsverband


Europäischer Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (EFRE) 2014-2020 „Investitionen in Wachstum und Beschäftigung"

Project description:

The project develops a methodology for assessing the circularity of buildings from existing scientific approaches. The "Circularity Score" which is to be developed in this context is a supplement for the ex-ante life cycle analysis for buildings, which evaluates the question of how easily a building can be dismantled/deconstructed in the future.
A widely applicable and easy to determine indicator for the expected circularity of buildings is already innovative. So far, only a limited number of approaches exist in the academic environment of a few colleges and universities. An even higher degree of innovation results from the applicability of the Circularity Score in an early planning phase, e.g. the HOAI - Phase 2 (preliminary planning). The ex-ante approach makes it necessary to examine and evaluate numerous possible and probable combinations of building materials in terms of their subsequent separation and recyclability. The BBSR's Ökobaudat (eco-building data), which is frequently used in the building industry for LCA questions, knows more than 1,000 building materials and components from which fundamentally possible and probable building material combinations are determined. These are then aggregated in the building context to a total number - the circularity score.