Junior Professorship Cycle-Oriented Construction

  Portrait © LH

The Junior Professorship Cycled-Oriented Construction has been established at the Faculty of Architecture in October 2014. Resources are an essential parameter to impact the relationship between built and natural environment and to eventually establish a balance. The production and deconstruction phase of building’s life cycle are focused on. The choice of materials and their connectivity affect subsequent use phases. In this logic, a high-quality material should be able to be dismantled to become part of a new functional unit. For secondary use phase the information on the component quality for future users must be made available. Only then a planner can integrate secondary materials in the design. Concepts to communicate the availability of secondary resources are already existent, but are not widespread. The application of already used materials changes the planning process, requires adjustment to the available resources. Including resource parameters effects the design similar to the Climate Design. This impact needs to be instrumentalised as a benefit to the design. The desire for visible sustainability effects design + functionality and opens new perspectives.