Prof. Dr. Linda Hildebrand

Templergraben 83

52062 Aachen

WorkPhone: +49 241 80 93677

Elective Course


Paper insulates, carries loadsand seal - what do components with these properties look like? Which particularities are to be considered? Do the elements have potential beyond a temporary use? In the elective course Eco Materials, a facade module is developed and implemented.

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Stegreif CycleHouse


In the design process, planners often do not know what's happening at the end of a buildings life. At best, it stands for eternity. But many buildings will eventually be demolished and the building material ends up as landfill.

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WAVE Workshop in Belgrad

WAVE 2018

Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade, in collaboration withIstituto Universitario di Architettura di Veneziainvites invites you to participate in the WAVE workshop 2018 in Belgrad an Venecia. Application Dealine is the of Mai 2018.

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Exhibition in the Faculty of Archiecture


From the3th- 5th ofMai 2018 the yearly exhibition of the Faculty of Architeture takes place.

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conference 'Natural and Build Environment'


Cycle Oriented Construction (RWTH AachenUniversity) and Innovationsregion RheinischesRevier GmbH invite you to join the discussionon ecological indicators in architecture,their relevance and application as well asprojects integrating resource-efficient approaches.

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